Glacial Clay face mask

Glacial Clay face mask


Our Oceanic Glacial Clay face mask is a perfect addition to your skin routine. 


    We have Seven very good reasons why you should include our Glacial Clay in your skin routine. 

    • The Glacial Clay contains over 60 minerals. This combination of minerals is unique to the area where the clay is harvested. Some of the minerals include Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Potassium, Copper, Molybdenum, Magnesium, Vanadium, Indium and Tin.
    • The impurities in the skin are positively charged, whilst the particles in the Glacial Clay are negatively charged. When the clay is applied the magnetic cleansing begins! 
    • Whilst removing the impurities and dirt from your pores, the Glacial Clay also helps to reduce pore size. 
    • The Glacial Clay uses its osmatic properties to draw moisture from the deep tissue in your skin to hydrate your face. It cleans the skin but does not dehydrate it as some other cleaning agents do. 
    • The minuscule particle sizes of the Glacial Clay act as an emulsifying agent to form a barrier around the oily particles on your skin. The clay removes these oily particles when the clay is washed off at the end of your Face Mask routine
    • The Glacial Clay acts as a dermatological protector that contains anti-inflammatory properties. This  cools and soothes the skin when applied. 
    • Glacial Clay helps to maintain a balanced pH of your skin using its powerful buffering capabilities. 
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